Surge Arresters

Surge Arresters

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Surge arresters

Siemens has been designing and manufacturing medium- and high-voltage surge arresters for standard and special applications since 1925. Continuous research and development, the wealth of Siemens know-how, and comprehensive worldwide experience give Siemens surge arresters a leading edge in overvoltage protection. Their uncompromising quality ensures a long service life and reliability in any application. Valuable equipment such as transformers, circuit breakers, generators, motors, capacitors, traction vehicles, and bushings, as well as complete switchgear, is ideally protected against lightning and switching over voltages.

·         High-voltage station arresters for applications up to 1200 kV. For the protection of substation equipment.

·         Medium-voltage arresters for distribution networks: Medium-voltage distribution arresters for applications up

          to 72.5 kV. For the protection of distribution networks and components.

·         Monitoring devices

·         A full range of monitoring solutions for surge arresters.

·         Line surge arresters (NGLA / EGLA): Line surge arresters for overhead power lines for up to 800 kV.

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