Arrester Combinations



Arrester Combinations



Overvoltage protection devices

Seamless and safe

Every year, several hundred thousand cases of damage from lightning strikes and over voltages are reported in Germany alone, with resulting costs in the multi-million euro range. Play it safe – with overvoltage protection devices from our SENTRON portfolio! These devices are part of a comprehensive protection concept for electrical installations, and reliably prevent damage from overvoltage.

There are nearly a million lightning strikes each year – a risk best avoided. BETA surge arresters offer protection against overvoltage from the in feed to the socket. As a result, systems and plants, as well as expensive devices are protected and consequential economic damage caused by system, plant, and device failure is prevented. The entire new lightning, overvoltage and device protection concept includes uniform plug-in modules. In addition, decoupling inductors are no longer required, thus providing the easiest installation and configuration to date.


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